Monday, 2 January 2012

Too high really

I've had some good days on the big river lately, so was keen to share it with some of the guys from the club.  We arrived in the dark, so had to hang around for a bit before making a start.  It was mild - relatively speaking - and as soon as we got to the banks, we could see the river was well over the banks.  Our choice of fishing was limited in the big water but we all managed to find a spot where we could have a go.

Matt running a deep fished nymph through one of the pools.

Millar trotting a float through a run, which shortly after produced a cracking fish of about 1.5lbs.

That lovely grayling.

I also had two out-of-season brown trout, one of which was about 3" which I was astonished to catch in a river running at 8' 2"

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