Friday, 3 February 2012

Fun in the Ferry

Minus 7 as we drove up the road.  We were on a new piece of water for us, but it only took a short walk to identify one obvious run where our intended quarry would be.  I started off trotting a couple of bugs below an Avon style float but in my efforts to get down to the fish I snagged the bottom a couple of times, losing my bugs in the business.

The run I was fishing was well over on the left bank and it took a long wade through deep water to get to within casting distance.  It was immediately apparent the temperatures were going to cause a problem and the braid was constantly freezing in the rings and even to the braid on the centre pin spool.  Each cast was a nightmare and I had to dip my rod and reel into the water each time I wanted to cast to prevent the whole outfit icing up.  This continued until almost 12 noon, when the temperature warmed up enough to allow proper fishing to commence.

A deep wade and a high rod tip to keep the line off the water's surface.

Things came good at lunchtime and I had a grayling of 1lbs on a Sawyers Bug.  A second fish came almost immediately - the same size as the first.  In the wide waters, the fish fought well and after the morning when I really thought I was facing a blank, it was nice to have some activity.

The activity was now pretty steady as some fish were landed and others were hooked   but came off.  Grayling have very quickly become my favourite fish.  That great big dorsal fin with those amazing colours.  We were fishing with just bugs/flies today and for the first time during the whole winter, we never had any bother from the out-of-season brownies.

Come four 0'clock the temperature dropped once more and the line started to freeze again, bring our terrific day to an end.  Never mind, we were extremely happy with our lot.

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