Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Washed out on the River

Having seen the forecast and then listening to it driving up the road I wasn't at all surprised to see the river running at 4' 11" this morning.  Now that height by itself isn't a problem - it's a good height actually - but what is a problem is the 8" it rose between me arriving and tackling up just a short time later!  With Andy as enthusiastic as ever there was no chance of a morning in the hut and we were soon heading over the river to fish the Cottar.

This is a good height to fish the LH bank of the Cottar and a 36g Blair Spoon fished round beautifully.  The water wasn't at all coloured and the copper & silver spoon looked great in the water and I even saw a few fish splashing, but the ones I could see clearly were pretty dark looking and certainly not fresh fish.

I fished through the Cottar twice but my 'marker' stick was disappearing as quick as my confidence in the rising water.  I thought I would head up to the Pine Tree where Marc caught his wee springer last week, but the force of water up here was just too strong so back downstream for a blether with Andy.

Where Marc caught his springer last week, but just too much water for here today.  At the very top of where you can see the water is where Millar and I had success with the grayling a few weeks ago.  They will be left in peace now as they start to approach their spawning season, but in another 8 months time I know where they are....

It was very windy and these oak trees had a few branches less by early afternoon.  Cracking woodland though and again I saw the Fallow Deer that call this area home.  The snowdrops were out and the daffodils are beginning to show as well.  It was a very mild 13C and it was great to know that with the bigger water and milder weather, even more spring fish will be heading upstream now.

The 'Box of Tricks' and my old favourite fishing bag.  There is a mix of floating and sinking devon minnows here - including my favourite spring colour of pink & white.  In these days of fishing vests and rucsacs, who uses a fishing bag anymore?

With the water continuing to rise the taking strip moves closer and closer to the LH bank so no need to wade at these heights which makes for a pleasant day's fishing.  There was good banter with the guys and much discussion over the rights and wrongs of culling seals, goosanders and cormorants.  It's very easy to see how the Cottar Bay holds fish in big - and even bigger - water.  I'd happily trot a worm through this pool in a few months time.  So nothing doing at all today and with the water still rising I called it a day at 2:30 but not for Andy who was heading out into the wind and rain to harl the Cottar.  With any luck it will have dropped for my return next week.

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