Wednesday, 29 February 2012

No fish but what a great day

I was back on the Tay again today in search of that elusive Tay springer.  After the high water of the last week, which was now dropping nicely I was hopeful of catching.  I always prefer the bank, although I do accept that harling from the boat is usually more productive.  It didn't make any difference today though and no fish were caught from either bank or boat.  Conditions seemed ideal with the water running at 2' 11" and clear.  

No shortage of wood in the store, but with temperatures of 10C there was no need for the fire in the hut today.

Andy getting the boat ready for the day.  Harling is a method using 3 or 4 rods with lures out the back and by controlling the motor you drop downstream allowing your lures to 'work' over the lies.  It is very productive in the spring as you can fish your lures very slowly.

The lure of choice.  A 4" Pink & Pearl Tomic.

Looking upstream towards the Ferry Pool.  Alas despite trying this pool a couple of times today we had nothing here either.  With views like this though who cares?

The Abu 6500C is a great reel for bug rivers like the Tay.  With its large capacity and ease of use, it is ultra reliable.  Just what you need when you do eventually get that big Tay springer.

So no fish, but great company and lots of laughs.  Its a cliche, but there is indeed more to fishing than just catching fish.  Very mild today and although the daffodils aren't in flower yet it will only be another week or so.  Back again on Monday.

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