Sunday, 18 March 2012

Close to home

I was feeling really crook today so a visit to a local burn was the order of the day.  A 30 minute walk saw me at the banks of this wonderful wee burn. 

The water was running high, with a slight tinge and conditions looked ideal.

This Sparrowhawk will no longer reign terror throughout these woods.  This bird was found dead on the banks of the burn.

The 'Cliff Pool' was looking great

Judging by the amount of dead bracken any summer time progress would be best done by walking up the burn.

The lovely sight of spring approaching as primroses start to appear.

West Lothian is a land of real contrasts with wonderful birchwood like this only a few minutes from major towns.

No fish here today, but not to worry.  I had a great time exploring this wonderful place and look forward to returning again soon.

You wouldn't want to be fishing below the bridge when this was thrown over!


  1. Beautiful area! Nice post.

  2. I see what you mean Calum! a wonderful wee burn right enough.

  3. Some very excellent photo's. Following now.

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