Thursday, 8 March 2012

Still Searching for Silver

My weekly visit to the River Tay saw me on the banks of the river bright and early, arriving a few minutes before the ghillie.  I was tackling up but had to forget it for a minute to take time to wander down to the bank just to soak up the atmosphere of an early dawn.

Its a fine way to start the day

The hard work of the last week or two has paid off and any fishing beat on the River Tay should never be short of firewood, situated as it is in a beautifully wooded part of the country.

A couple of VIP guests were expected today and as often seems to be the case, they were in no rush, so I headed over to the other side of the river and made a start in my favourite pool.  The water was at 2' 2" so a good height and I fished through the pool with great confidence.  I started with an 18g toby, but soon switched to a 2" devon minnow with some lead ahead of it to take it down to the depths of where I expected a springer to be lying up.

The box of tricks....

A good height for here today at 2' 2" Frost still on the banks after a cold night.

From the tail of the pool looking upstream to the hut.

I fished through a second time but again nothing was doing.  I was surprised at this as I knew I was fishing carefully and I knew that as each day of the season progresses more and more fish should be coming through, but alas today it just wasn't to be.

Andy getting in some target practice at the tail of the pool.

Daffy's always bring a smile to my face.

What to try next?

A very enjoyable day in perfect sunshine and really feeling like spring is here now.  I'm back again next week, but only after I open my trout season on the 15th on my local river.  The next day I'll be back here.  I love fishing for all the differences it brings and the variety of places it takes you.

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