Thursday, 15 March 2012

Opening Day 2012

Started my brownie season on my local river today.  It has been an exceptionally mild winter, but there has been no rain.  No rain whatsoever and the river was running l...o...w as I headed downstream to fish a new stretch.

Alison tries her hand at spinning

The stretch we were fishing was very overgrown and therefore very quiet and we saw no other anglers on this piece of water.  We did though enjoy the site of 4 roe deer at only 20 yards distance as they went about their business, not totally sure that we were there.

Alison with her opening day fish

Alison had the first fish and it was a lovely brownie of about 12ozs, which was soon returned.  We negotiated our way downstream picking our way through dense undergrowth and up steep hillsides as we searched the water.

Not a good day for this woodie!  I wonder what happened?

Fishing one of the deeper pools

Eventually I managed a 10" brownie on my '0' mepp

Iron (?) seeping into the river from the bank

The 'questionable' delights of fishing an urban environment!?

Alison shortly before raising a fish to her fly

So we had a fish apiece and would probably have done better if we fished the fly rods throughout the day, rather than just the latter part.  There was some rise of fish on at about 12 till 3.  Returned back to the car happy with our lot, having enjoyed a new piece of water but we really need some rain!

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