Friday, 4 November 2011

Having a go for Pike

Having never fished the canal before I didn't really know where to start, so I headed for the easiest place in terms of access and that was The Bridge Inn at Ratho.  I followed the canal side path casting floating/diving lures to see if I could attract anything.

There were a lot of leaves in the water which made fishing difficult a lot of the time.  It did make for a beautiful walk though and there were a few other souls out enjoying themselves as well.  The canal here runs through some lovely woodland and it's hard to believe that at times you are only a 100 yards or so from the motorway.

I fished my way along to this folly, but there was nothing doing at all, not even a sight of a fish.  If the truth be told I'm not sure I was fishing it right?  Perhaps my lures were just too big on such a narrow piece of water?  A lovely day to be out and about though - food for the soul.

A real delight to see some colour in the walls as well.  This is Feverfew growing from a wall along from The Bridge Inn.  A popular medicinal plant with many uses, such as a remedy for headaches and a cure for feminine complaints.

Anyway after a couple of hours I was beginning to think it wasn't my day so I headed back to the car.  A nice time out but I need to re-think my tactics if I am to find some pike.

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