Thursday, 17 November 2011

A tad breezy.......

The grayling hunt continued today and this time I had a friend with me who was having his first go at trotting.  An expert fly angler he had no difficulty in reading the river and had soon picked up the basics of the float.

A nice run down my most productive pool.  Wading out a little gave me a nicer line to trot and first run down I had a hold of a good fish, which came loose after a couple of minutes.  This was the same scenario for the next five casts as on each occasion the float dipped and I had a hold of a fish for a few seconds before they came off.  Eventually the action came to an end and we moved to another area downstream.

Tools of the trade - maggots, home made floats and centrepin.  All very simple and a pleasure to fish with.    The weather had taken a turn for the worse and there was a strong downstream wind blowing, accompanied by frequent showers.   My only waders are breathable Orvis ones and in this cold weather they were far from ideal!  Something to add to the Christmas list.  The new area had a very deep run, where a tributary joined the main river and after getting the depths right my float dipped under and I was into a fish.  It didn't really fight as such and it was soon being steered to the waiting net and yes, it was a grayling of about 12"

A quick - out of focus! - photo and it was back in the river.  I tried a few more cats but nothing was doing and we headed back upstream.  We were struggling a bit in the cold and if the truth be told, we were happy to call it a day, leaving the river at 3pm.  7 hours on the river at this time of year, in these conditions is a long shift sometimes.

A final run through the pool.

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