Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Still trying...

The ladies weren't playing on the Tummel yesterday, so today I went west to try the Clyde.

A season Ticket for grayling only cost £15, so although I'm not sure how often I will fish it, at that price I really don't mind taking the season option.

A mixture of runs, with some long pools that were up to 80 yards long.  I concentrated on the pools but it was out-of-season brown trout that gave the entertainment.

I had three in the morning, all of which were 8" or 9" long

The early afternoon saw deteriorating weather, but thankfully just light drizzle.  Sadly there were no grayling for my efforts, but I enjoyed this water.  Far more personal than the larger Tummel that I was on yesterday.  Spooling off the reel was hesitant today and I'm sure this would have put off some fish.

I'll be back soon.

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