Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Partial Success

Much milder today and how nice to get to the water in the right amount of time rather than taking almost two hours because of the snow on the roads.   The milder weather has seen all the snow melt and the water rose by almost 20 cms on yesterday.  This really brought the fish on the go and in about four hours I took 20 brown trout on all variety of baits and bugs.  It just didn't matter what I used as each time i trotted through the pool my bait was taken.  The 'sport' was fast and furious.but unfortunately it was again the wrong type of fish.  Alison however, who czech nymphed towards the tail of the pool had success when her pink bug was taken by a lovely wee grayling of about 12ozs.  This was just reward for her hard work in ensuring her flies were fishing properly.  All in all a good day, in a fine part of the world with great company.  Now that's what fishing must be all about.

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