Sunday, 4 December 2011

Rush, rush, rush.....

Not much time, so an early start saw me walking across the fields to the river with the sun barely lighting the sky.

I've been plagued by some horrible conditions lately, so I at least had a little bit of a promise of some decent weather.  Alas it wasn't to be and after a few hours the strong winds returned along with the rain and then sleet.

The river peaked about 1.5 m higher than today's level and this just 48 hours ago.  Today though it was running clear and with a nice look and feel to it.  I wasn't disappointed and my first run through the pool brought an out-of-season brownie of about 12"

This sport continued for the next three or four hours as one brownie after another took my float fished maggot.  All the fish came from one small area in a large pool of about 70 yards long.  It really was non-stop.  

The water was running big, so I was using a large 'chubber' float that enabled me to use a good size piece of lead to keep the bait down close to the bottom.  Eventually I found a grayling of about 12" which took my bait.

With my grayling it was now time to pack up and head to Glasgow for my scheduled 2pm meeting.  If the truth be told my mind was elsewhere on the banks of a bonny river running through the hills.

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