Thursday, 15 December 2011

Time for neoprenes.....

Another fun session on the Upper Clyde with some fellow members of the Cramond Angling Club.  It was though, a brutally cold day and by 3pm we had, had enough and were back in the warmth of the car.  The SEPA gauge showed 1m which was the highest I've had it in my few trips down here, but it was running clear and most fishable.  The first fish - an out of season brownie - came on my second run through the pool and like the other four for the day took a float-fished maggot.  As usual, several fish were lost.
The guys head through the fields to a wintry River Clyde.

I always find it very stirring to see large flights of geese flying overhead.

The Chairman!

Mark spinning his new centrepin for the first time.

Colin braves it out with the fly rod, but took the next day to recover any feeling in his body.  He's not built for this winter business.

The end of another day approaching.

One of five out-of-season brownies, but there were no grayling today unfortunately.

Looking downstream with the final brown trout of the day.

Getting home, one of the first things I did was order some neoprene waders.  Today was no day for the breathables.....

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