Saturday, 24 December 2011

Tay Tripping

I love the River Tay.  I love the size.  I love the generosity of the river.  I love the fact that you never know what the next cast will produce.  Yes, it's my favourite river and probably always will be.

Millar working his way down one of the pools.  He was unlucky to hook three fish in this run and lose them all.

I was lucky enough to catch a lovely wee grayling, which took a trotted maggot.  The water was difficult to fish and it took many adjustments to find the right depth.  Eventually though it came good and the fish followed.

In season, this cock brown trout would easily exceed five pounds.

Here I am with the above fish.   Just look at the size of those pectoral fins.  Aye this would be an even  finer fish to catch in June.

A final cast as our Tay day comes to an end.  £5 well spent with one wee grayling and six brown trout - two of which equalled eight pounds.  Not bad for any river in the country.

So a great day and I look forward to returning again and refining the techniques a little more.

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